And So The Journey Begins!

Hey, I am a 19 year old medical student. I love to read, write and doodle, so I thought to combine it all to this website. Some details about me: I sketch, paint, doodle, read, skate, cycle, hum to music, and study. I mostly write whatever is in my mind, what I am going through, things I am passionate about and stuff. I enjoy the simple pleasure of complex thoughts, a good cup of coffee and some lovely scripted words. You can contact me on my socials. Let’s talk, weirdo. Thanks for joining me! Continue reading “And So The Journey Begins!”


Aalo Posto

Lockdown day 1.

Week 4 of social distancing.

25th March. 2020. Wednesday


My dad woke me up softly.

I left the house with an sanitised piece of newspaper bit. Covered from head to toe, with a head cap and masked up. It was like I am leaving for the war. (see you on the other side.”)

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